Finish the Christmas Season with minimum of extra pounds

By Larisa Hapeci
Christmas is near and so is our fear of gaining extra kilos during this period. In the end, this kilos are not what you should worry about. We all know, that with a diet of some days and sport, this can be removed in some days/weeks after. With all this, there is one thing that should worry you during this period, and this is the digestiv problems that can appear due of an „enthusiastic” way of eating. It is important to know that this lost of equilibrium and the presence of an alimentation in excess can affect us during a long period of time, rising the possibility of illness. This is why it is very important to keep the same way of nutrition that you have had before this days, all this while enjoying this wonderful food.

Here are some tips to take into consideration in order not to ruin your metabolism:
1. Eat the same number of meals and the same quantity as before! 
I am not saying that you should not enjoy the delicious food that your parents cooked for you, or to taste the best pastry in town, but don’t do it in excess. If before you were used to have 3 meals /day, don’t change that. Also, the portion remains very important. You will have the time to taste everything, just don’t do that on a single meal. Think at this and you will save your metabolism!
2. Don’t forget that your brain needs 15-20 minutes to process and send you the information that you are full.
Take your time, take a look at the table and pick only what you really want to taste. If there is a product that makes you hesitate, don’t take it. Take advantage that everyone is at the table, and take your time to talk with them. In the end Christmas is about family, no? Eat slowly and make pauses, like this you will know exactly when you are full and not „extra full”.
3. Researchers at Harbin Medical University in China found that people who chewed 40 times consumed 12% less than those who have only chewing food 15 times.
4. Drink from tall glasses
This is a trick that you can use when you tend to drink to much at a party. Is this little lie that will make you drink less alcohol, sodas and all other of beverages that contain the unhealthy sugar that will make you gain weight and hundreds of unwanted kcal. Compared with a glass lower and wider, the tall one will make you believe that you have had enough and the time will pass also different. You can use the same rule if you tend to drink a lot of coffee too, cups tall and thin will help you reduce the quantity.
extra tips: Chose a bio wine instead of one of the commerce. Low sugar, real taste, great taste 🙂
5. Don’t forget to keep doing sport
I am not talking about going to gym during this days. Nobody is doing it and you will not apply it either. Although, 30′ of daily walking will be better than nothing doing. You are even more motivated? You can add to this walk, 20′ of easy gym at home. All this will help you with your digestion, will reduce the transit time and will reduce the retention of water no so present because of the salt and fat that you are eating.
Remember that you are in control of the food you eat, and not otherwise!


International Instructor Kangoo Power

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