Posture and its importance

By Larisa Hapeci
I have always been a technology addicted, a up to date person with everything that was appearing and agreeing with new technologies that can make our life easier or that can help us save money or time. With all this, I have never agreed with the “coach applications”. I remember the hours spent on gyms in Paris, and seeing people using individual coach apps while doing wrong the exercises.
The main reasons people will start doing sport is to lose weight or to reduce body’s pain resulted of staying seated for a long time during the day. Unfortunately this applications, if not used by people who can understand the importance of a correct posture, can give you more trouble then helping you to achieve your targets.
I think that more and more coaches started to complain about this and a new app has been develop. A “Posture checking app”.
Check the following link to know more about it: .
The first sport app that I finally agree with. 🙂
Good luck with your 2018 sport resolutions!



International Instructor Kangoo Power

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