What to eat before and after workout session? Resolved myths

By Larisa Hapeci
I’m hearing so many opposite discussions lately considering what should we eat before and after a workout… It is good to starve after it? Eating before it is allowed or forbidden?

3 myths and their resolution:
1) You don’t have to eat anything before a workout in order to burn more calories – FALSE
There are a lot of people who think that this myth is true and that are doing their training session on an empty belly. Is like this that they believe they will burn more calories and that the fat will disappear. It is a wrong decision! Doing sports on an empty belly will start a auto-cannibalization of your body, which will start to sacrifice  his own muscles in order to produce glycogen (the first source of energy). A body without wick muscles will not be able to burn the calories as you will wish.
Advice:  Have a good meal 2-3 hours before your workout. Eat complex carbohydrates (brown rice, sweet potatoes) as a source of complete proteins (preferable animals: chicken breast, red meat). This will help you to have a longer digestion, and to have the energy needed during your intense workout.
Avoid : The aliments which are having simple carbohydrates (bad sugar), even if we are talking about some fruits. This will increase rapidly your glucose, which during workout will decrease under the limit. This will lead to drowsy, fatigue or general lack of energy or strength.
2) Eating a bar or a fruit during your workout, will help you gain energy – FALSE
Crunching during your workout will ruin all your session. Why? While we eat a solid aliment, our body sends the blood with all the nutrients and the oxygen to stomach in order to help to digestion. During a workout, this blood should help the muscles and only them. For a regular training session, maximum 45′ of intensif workout, the meal had 2 hours before should give you enough energy.
Advice: Liquids on the other side are vitals during your workout. This will prevent dehydration.
3) We do not have to eat anything after we finish our workout in order not to gain all the calories that we have just burn – FALSE
Scared of not gaining the calories that they have just burned, many people are refusing to eat after a training session. This is a bad decision…
The meal after the workout is one of the most important ones. What you will eat during the next 2 hours will play on the quality of your training. Recovery is as important as the training. Why am I saying this? After a workout, body’s reserves of nutrients, specially the glycogen, are finishing. The first hours after your training session, your body will start to remake this reserves, specially the ones with glycogen. If no food is served to the body, he will “serve” himself with the amino-acids found in the muscles. Instead of recovering yourself and advance on your training, you will regress!
Advice:  Have a quick snack at the end of your training session, with good proteins and carbohydrates with high glucose (milk chocolate, 2 medium bananas…). Don’t get scared by the sugar that is inside. At this moment, your body will transform this sugar directly in glucose, in order to recover, and not in fat. A meal is also recommended in the 2 hours after a training session. Like this, all the nutrients lost through your sweat are going to be recovered by your body.
Avoid: Eating during the first hour after the session, if you this one was really intense/strong cardio, in order to avoid vomiting sensation.  
Eat smart, train smart !


International Instructor Kangoo Power

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