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By Larisa Hapeci

Kangoo Power, which “jumps” the calories

 16th December 2016, by Emilie Cailleau

 Kangoo Power is a “gym cardio” which uses rebonds shoes, Kangoo Jumps. Funny and eficient in the fight with the kcal, this sport reduces the impact on your joints.
At the idea of running, some are dragging their feet: too tiring or too boring… If sports affinities are not discussed, it is a point on which even the runners will agree: running impacts the joints. The risk of joint involvement (sprain, dislocation), muscle (tendonitis, contracture, breakdown, etc.) and micro-trauma caused by shock at the moment of impact (the foot supports about 5 times the body weight at each impact) are common.

To reduce the risk of injury, it is necessary to turn to activities that “absorb” these shocks and that are protecting your joints. This is what they have imagined when they invented the shoes Kangoo Jumps.

Rebound without any risk of injury

Scientists from Swiss Federation of Technology have compared the benefits of these shoes which are having a specific “spring” called “Impact Protection System” (IPS for Impact Protection System) with classic running shoes. They discovered that the use of these shoes, allowed to their 11 athletes tester to continue their training by being relieved of the usual tensions on the joints resulting from impact activities.

Despite the repeated jumps and the high intensity, the Kangoo Jumps allows to retain the benefits of a cardio activity with the risk of less injury. On these “springs”, the impact is reduced by 80% and no stress is felt on the hip joints, knees or ankles.

“Jumper” for a wonderful silhouette

This are the information regarding the health point of view. What about the fitness point of view? Attracted by this unusual sport in France, but so well known in Latin America, I have decided to try it. At Let’s Dance Studio in Paris, Larisa from Jump for Kangoo briefed me on the posture to have and the step that we are going to use.

I have no problems to understand her recommandations. Je comprends rapidement ses recommandations. Cladding (tight belly) and straight posture are essential if you want to stand upright. Even wavering a bit at first, you do not risk falling.

After the apprehension, I take confidence in my team and, right in my Kangoo Jumps, I attack the choreography. No break, if you start to get tire (which is normal at the first session) better running on the place than stopping. Is like this that the heart will get to his normal rhythm.

The other girls had warned me before the session, the kangaroo aerobics is a very cardio activity (which raises the heart rate), which has nothing to envy the traditional classical choreographed gym classes (aerobics, body attack) Fitness. Boong, booong …. I jump without stopping, sweating, and re-jumping. My comrades are excited like fleas and do not let go of the eye the coach, Larisa, which announces the next move.

In an hour I not only enjoyed myself as a child on a trampoline (but much funnier!), but in addition I exercise intensely my muscular, respiratory and cardiovascular system. A key: thighs and buttocks tonics, better endurance and better muscle strength. Not counting the calorie counter that panics (in the right direction): 500 calories at the bottom.


So many assets that should seduce all those who do not like to run or those who want to spice their sport routine in 2017!

If you want to test: Kangoo power, each Tuesday from 7 pm to 8 pm at the studio Let’s Dance Studio, 10 rue Tournefort 75005 Paris. at 9 to 12 € /session, according to the chosen formula.



International Instructor Kangoo Power

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