The importance of stretching

By Larisa Hapeci
I see more and more cases of bad stretching or of sport sessions where there is no exercise of stretching.
It is important to know that as our body requires some hours of sleep after a working day, so does the muscles. The relaxation after an intensif effort is represented by stretching. This is how you will avoid the muscle strain too.

What stretching means ?
Stretching exercises, as their name suggests, represent exercises which help stretch your muscles, with an impact on your tendons and ligaments too. The target of this controlled stretch are the muscles. This are activated through an easy pressure.
* If during the exercise you encounter discomfort or heavy pressure, delay the exercise and continue by exercising other muscle group.
Who can do stretching exercises ?
In general this kind of exercises are recommended to all people. As stretching requires to follow some rules, as each sport, for children younger than 16 years or old people there are some restriction.
* For persons who are suffering of tendinitis, muscles strains or sprains, the stretching is recommended at a regularly frequency. This is how you are going to gain mobility and flexibility.
How should you do the stretching exercises ?
Stretching exercises are done after a training session but they can be done as a static sport session too. It characterized by keeping a group muscle in a specific position during 10-15″. As the purpose is to gain mobility and flexibility, you don’t have to put to much pressure on your muscles. It is mandatory to pay attention at your breathing while you are doing this exercises: you will inhale deeply through your nose and continue with a long exhale through your mouth or nose. Also, try to do twice the same exercise, to take your time and to take a break of minimum 10″ between the exercises.
* Stretching exercises are recommended for persons who are suffering of asthma too, as this will help working their respiration too.
* The muscle doesn’t have to feel to much pressure, to be forced, the stretch has to be done slowly and progressive.
* After a sport session, you have to do a complete stretch and not only on the muscles that you think you have worked. In a movement there are more than intuitives muscles that are included and it is important to work on the relaxation of all of them.
Stretching advantages 
  • improves posture
  • eliminates stress and intensifies the physical and mentally relaxation
  • improves the physical performance
  • reduces the risk of tendons’ and joints’ injuries
  • improves blood circulation
Attention! The exercises with which you have to start a training session should be the warming ones and not the stretching ones! Don’t confuse this 2 types of exercises! It is not indicated to stretch a muscle or a joint before being warmed up, otherwise you risk to have severe muscle tears and tension.


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