Stress, depression … How can we treat these diseases?

By Larisa Hapeci
Each of us has faced at least once a stressful period or a depression. It is considered that stress is responsible for about 60 percent of human diseases, and 3 of 4 visits to the doctor are related to it. Also 44 per cent of people stressed fail to rest well at night, and about 40 percent of them, are eating too much or very unhealthy. Closely related to this is depression. A disease whose numbers are not much more optimistic.
What to do in this case?

Speaking strictly from a medical point of view, sport activity is not a method to combat stress or depression, but what we know for sure is that relieves their symptoms. Sport “attacks” stress in two ways, says Dr. Matthew Stults-Kolehmainen, specialist in kinesiology in the Yale Stress Center. He explains that stress atrophies the brain, affecting the area responsible for memory. But the damage can be repaired by increasing its pulse. Sport, especially cardio workouts helps to release endorphine, hormones that creates a state of pleasure, satisfaction and makes us forget the anxiety. This release of endorphine helps both brain and body to recover.
Doing sport, is how we produce neuro-hormones such as nor-epinephrine, which helps the improvement of cognitive functions, mood and learning ability.
Many people tend to belive that the only sports that really help them in this two cases are yoga, pilates or meditation. It is important to know that sport in general is a cure and that each person will have his own sport to which he will react positive. It is recommended to exercise the kind of sport that you are enjoying: dancing, aerobics, swimming, jogging, walking, cycling  etc. In either case try not to be alone, but with some friends. Not many, because this will tend to indispose you, but not alone either, because you will start (again!) to think of the file that you have not yet got to solve… the project that you have not completed and whose deadline is coming to an end … or the fact that all the world is upside down.
Sport’s intensity is not always directly proportional with your seek mood. If we are going to listen the experts’ advice we will do cardio all the time in stressful situations but this will not always work. In my case, this is what works. What about you… ? Look for answers. Try sport and see what fits you best.
Choose to think optimistic, to keep a chill mood and a sport that will balance with all this! #keepithealthy


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