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By Larisa Hapeci

 I have tested Kangoo Power, aerobic« kangoroo » which is a success in Latin America

Emilie CAILLEAU, published 

Kangoo Power is the new concept of sport which is love by all Latino-Americans. The concept? A class of aerobic using rebonds shoes, Kangoo Jumps. I have tested this concept in Paris with Larisa from Jump for Kangoo.

Les kangoo jumps, du fitness sur des chaussures à rebond, connaît un grand succès en Amérique latine. Ici en Argentine. le 27 juin 2013. Crédit photo : Flickr Gabriela Valle Tecnópolis

 Argentina, 27th june 2013. Credit photo : Flickr Gabriela Valle Tecnópolis

« Booong, boong ». This night I have climbed on ressort or better said Kangoo Jumps. The shoes looks a lot like the sky shoes but equipped with a platform (elliptical springs and an elastic band) which allows not to slide but to rebond. First challenge, to overcome his fear of falling or losing balance. “You can’t fall”, assures me Larisa while jumping. This coach is the first one offering classes in Paris, at Let’s Dance Studio. Yet, this concept of rebound fitness is not fresh out of the boot of Santa Claus. It has been adopted in Latin America and Brazil for years. It was also the South America who organised the last international festival of Kangoo Jumps (October 9th in Buenos Aires, Argentina). While the Frenchies are taking their first hesitant steps in Kangoo Jumps, the Latinos have already declined the concept in Kangoo BootCamp, Kangoo kick and punch, Kangoo Dance and Kangoo Power …

Before trying this activity, it is good if you are a little bit familiarized with the aerobic bases. Good news for me, the Kangoo Power is an aerobics course that takes the techniques of “cueing” (fitness language to indicate visually and orally the steps) and the principles of cardio-fitness techniques (which raise the heart rate). My training as a coach helps me not to follow without any problem to start.
Pendulum right-left, scissors, jumps, race on the spot …. The basic steps are linked together and soon are forming a choreography. The hardest is to train to lift the shoes which are weighing 2.5kg each.

The Kangoo Jumps, rebond shoes studied to blow up fatigue

For those who haven’t done sport in a while or they are starting now, the first class may seem rather complicated on the length because it is recommended never to stop and the intense rhythm can be tiring. On the other hand, no risk of injury to the knees or joints, the shoes were originally developed to help in the rehabilitation of the injuries. They were first used for runners and athletes to reduce the impact of high intensity sports activity. Like the trampoline canvas, the “springs” of the shoes are designed to reduce the shocks and the fatigue (for health benefits, check my upcoming article in the magazine  Top Santé 😉 ) …

Verdict after the test: Top ! I’m not too picky and I play like a crazy bouncing like Skippy on lively music. I found a new pleasure of “jumper”, as at the classes of trampoline, but with a much more funny feeling/atmosphere. What is even better, is that this activity proves to be very effective because the mobilized energy allows to spend a maximum of calories – all this if you are following the coach’s instructions! Small recommendation for those who would like to try, make sure not to eat just before jumping …

Where we can do it? Kangoo Power, each Tuesday from 19h to 20h at Let’s Dance Studio, 10 rue Tournefort 75005 Paris. www.jumpforkangoo.com from 9 to 12 € per session, depending on the option that you are going to chose. Instagram @jumpforkangoo

*Source: http://blogs.lexpress.fr/chica-de-paris/2016/12/15/jai-teste-le-kangoo-power-laerobic-kangourou-qui-cartonne-en-amerique-latine/ (translated into English by Larisa Hapeci)


International Instructor Kangoo Power

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