Information regarding Kangoo Jumps’ accessories

By Larisa Hapeci

  • Liners: They have to be washed at 30 degrees and it is recommended to use a shoes spray after each use. 













  • In the case where you are using the boots outside, it is important to know that the soles are wearing out faster. I would recomand you to use differents soles for outside and inside, in order to keep them for long time and protect the shells.












  • The most important part of this shoe are the T-Bands. This is available on several colors: pink, black, green, blue and orange. It is recommended to change them after 60 to  90 hours of intensive sport, in the moment when the extremities are tapering.








  • If the T-Bands are going to break then the Shell is going to break too.









For more information regarding the changes of components, you can check or you can write me on Contact.



International Instructor Kangoo Power

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