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By Larisa Hapeci

We have tested Kangoo Jumps, this funny sport on rebond shoes

article Grazia Magazine Paris: Pauline Pellissier

Invented in Switzerland for recuperation of the athletes, a sport that has developed a lot in Latin America and Est Europe, finally arrives in Paris.

               We have tested this sport for an hour, an hour of jumping with “kangaroo boots”.

I have to admit that I was a little bit afraid at the beginning, scared of the idea of jumping in this rebond shoes, which are closing as a sky pair of boots. Afraid to hurt my knee, or not to find my equilibrium, to fall…. But nothing of this happened!

What is the role of the shoes? Equipped with shells suspension, they act as shock absorber, reducing the impact with the ground until 80%. Another advantage: it increases energy expenditure by 25%, as more effort is required considering the fact that each boot weights 2,5 kg. 

What do we do during the session? We are performing rhythmic choreography, in an aerobic style, basic steps, squats, jumps, that boost cardio, before doing some crunches with the shoes on, and to finish the session with some stretching.

What do we work? All body, insisting on the buttocks, legs and abdomen. We can feel our abdomen working during some movements. 

Who can do it? Everybody who can’t do sport anymore because of a painful knee or those who are interested to burn a max of calories in a ludic way (we are burning 1000kcal/hour, the equivalent of 1h running session at 16km/h).

Why did we love it? For the coach Larisa Hapeciwith boundless energy and communicative, for easy access choreography (even when coordination is, like in my case, one of your weaknesses) and because of our view figure raised a few centimeters in the mirror, motivates us – more – to continue the movement. #ObjectifBonnasse

Where does it take place? At Let’s Danse Studio, 10 rue Turnefort (Paris 5th district), each Tuesday starting with 19 o’clock. Some other session can be organised outside, during the weekend (check page Facebook)

How much does it costs? First session, the trial session, is free but you have to book your boots before, in order to participate. After, it costs 11 € the session, boots included (for a      subscription of 4, 8 or 12 session) or 12 € per session without subscription. If you are willing to purchase a pair of boots (you can run with them or do your shopping), in this case the  session costs only 9 € .

* Source : Grazia Magazine, Octomber 2016, France (translation: Hapeci Larisa)


International Instructor Kangoo Power

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