Flexibility problems on one of your sides?

By Larisa Hapeci
Feeling that one side is more flexible or stronger than the other one? Don’t worry, we all have the same problem! Most people are out of balance due to life’s conditioning on their body, for better understanding take the case of a right handed person where the right side will be predominant.

This imbalance may also come from playing particulars sports. If you play baseball, golf or rackets sports, for instance, you rely more heavily on one side of your body than the other one.
What can be done in this case?
First of all, it is very important to finish your sport session by doing your stretch. More than this, focus your workout on the improvement of the balance throughout the body. In a practical sense, be aware of which side you twist or bend in and notice which side feel tighter, bring the same awareness to both sides and pause and hold off taking the stretch further, on the flexible side. Don’t forget while doing it, to pay attention to the posture!
Another thing that can be done is to perform more repetitions on the less flexible side. For example, if you want to develop the flexibility on your right side, do 1 stretch in plus for it. Start your stretch on your right leg. Then alternate left, right, left, right. At the end, you will have performed three stretches on your right leg and two on your left. This additional repetition can help balance your flexibility over time.
In plus, try to hold the stretch longer on your less flexible side. When stretching the right side of your body, hold the stretch for 40 seconds. On your left side, hold the stretch for 30 seconds. These extra seconds can help increase the flexibility of the muscles on the side wanted.
Keep it flexible ! 🙂


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