Cutting the T-Band to Kangoo Jumps boots

By Larisa Hapeci

Kangoo Jumps boots have the shells in semicircle. This semicircle is having in the middle the T-Band.  If your weight is between 45-50 kg, it is indicated to cut the middle ligne from the T-Band.


Here you have the steps that you have to follow, for better understanding:



– this is the initial T-Band  (3 lines)

– this will be the T-Band for a person who has the weight between 45- 50 kg.

-this is the tool that is indicated to use in order to do the update.


In the case where children are willing to try this boots, and their weight is between 20-30 kg, the shell will be cut in both side letting just the middle.  Please note that for kids exist particular boots!

-this is the shell from a power shoe boot.

-this will be the case where the child has between 30-40kg.

-this will be the first step to follow if the child has less than 30kg.

– this will be the final result for the cildren who are having less than 30kg.

-a regular scissor is not recommended. Please use the following tool.


International Instructor Kangoo Power

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