Am I thin or fat? Who is deciding?

By Larisa Hapeci

S, M , L, XL …do this size characterize us?

Moving to France helped me to lose 1 size. Did the gravity during the flight had his word, or maybe just the idea of the great “cuisine” influenced my body? Actually no. Once I have landed, not just the hour changed but I have also passed from Romanian M size to the magnificent France S size. Each country has his dedicated way of measure and this worked in my favor this time. So I guess that this is a great prove that we are not all the same!

If in Romania, you can feel the pressure and the prejudges on the way you look, things are different in France. I admit that when I have arrived and I saw the variety of food and also the fact that french people are enjoying to talk on a late dinner, I was thinking that my regular diet will change and that will be difficult to keep in shape. But it wasn’t like this. France helped me to rediscover the pleasure of eating good and not thinking at each bite that I have had. Why this? Because what french television and culture presents as ideal, is characterized by “healthy people” and not anorexic ones. What is most important is that sport has an important place in their culture and for this a big BRAVO. They have understood everything! So, am I now still “fat” but accepted by this new country just because the standards are different?
Does this work in opposing direction or I can sustain this just because it was the case of a decrease of size? Well, it was a funny experience that I have lived during the last weeks. I have been on holiday in Taiwan, for the first time. At a moment I have decided to dedicate my day to some shopping and I was amused to see how many “transformation” suffered my body in such a short time. In this country my comfy size is XL. Was a real obese image that this number said about me.
Where I am in the end in this world? Who can say exactly if I am fat or not? What are the real criteria / the scale that we should all use?
Well, the only judge that exist and that should criticize your body is YOU! That’s all! There are not perfect bodies, there are not perfect diets, there should not exist regular sacrifices in order to feel good in your body. There are just 2 secrets: Balance and Acceptance! Even with a goddess body, if you will not accept it and you will criticize it all the time, you will not look good on the eyes of others. Loving your body, has a much bigger impact than you believe.
What is the role of Balance then? Every year we hear about revolutionary products, or diets to help you lose weight and “have the perfect body!”.  No diet, no starving, no sport in excess, nothing of this will help you be skinny and healthy. You have to start say no to excess. There should be no forbidden foods, we should more consider limited portions in this case, and right hours of the day to have them, all this balanced with an active life. You can work all day at gym if after you don’t eat right portions, no results will be seen. What will you blame then? Sport, it’s the easy option, and you are going to be wrong. You want to lose weight, eat less and work more, you want to keep in shape, eat balanced and do sport regular, you want to gain weight, don’t do anything and eat (in this case you will earn maybe a illness too). The balance resumes at mathematics, and the equation is simple and direct proportional. You are the only one who can offer a good image of your body and who can work for it. It is possible!
Nobody should set targets as numbers (0 size, S size…) in order for them to feel good, otherwise a visit in Taiwan could really depress you. You should just love your body and work for it!


International Instructor Kangoo Power

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