Rebound Exercise is the Most Effective and Efficient Form of Exercise Yet Devised by Man!
Albert E. Carter (confirmed by NASA)

Kangoo Power™ is the ultimate in cardio interval classes presented as a rebound training!

Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes were originally developed for joggers, runners and athletes, to help them reduce the impact associated with vigorous activity.  This sport developed in the last years, becoming a good substituent for Fitness, Aerobic and all the cardio sports.

Kangoo Power is a rebound training which promotes muscle strengthening and cardio-training, all this in an atmosphere of well-being and pleasure. This new concept of sport is dedicated to anyone who wants to lose weight, to keep in shape, to get fit or just to relax and lose stress.

  1. Protects your spine and joints as it reduces the impact with the ground when jumping on boots, up to 80%.
  2. Burns 25% more calories than any other fitness activity. Until 1000 kcal per hour, only with Kangoo Jumps.
  3. Improves cardiovascular system, with an average of 15%.
  4. Burns in a record time the fat around your abdomen.
  5. Tones and lifts the buttocks.
  6. Streghten back muscles, helps getting a suitable posts and protects the spine.
  7. Stimulates the lymphatic system and helps the body to eliminate toxins.
  8. It is one of the activities most effective in fighting cellulite.
  9. Developes your balance skill. Please note that the boots are very safe and no risk of injuiry exists.
  10. Stimulates the immune system, thus improving resistance to disease.

The secret of calories burned using Kangoo Jumps boots lies in how the lymphatic system works. Lymph is the fluid that circulates through the human body cells to transport and remove toxins and wastes from our body, in order to keep it healthy. Many of us are aware not that our body contains 4 times more lymph fluid than blood.

In any case, the lymphatic system is not supported by a constant pump, as the heart is, to maintain circulation of the liquid. This depends on how much exercise and what type of exercises you do: if we do not do enough exercise, we will reach a high level of accumulation of toxins, which will ” poisons ” the cells. In some cases, lymph fluid crystallize, turning into more controversial cellulitis, which we all know how difficult it is to remove.

There is a restriction regarding the minimum (30kg) and the maximum weight (100kg) that a person should have in order to practice this sport.

Another restriction, which is more an eating rule, is the fact that is forbidden to eat with 2-3 hours before the class hour, given the intensity of the class.

And the last, and the most important: Kangoo Jumps is forbidden for the people who are suffering from cervidal spondylosis. It is the only illness forbidden in this sport.

Please note that this sport is not recommended to pregnant women.

Some persons mentioned their fear regarding the impact on their joints or the spine while practicing this sport.  Kangoo Jumps has been created to corect this problems.

Kangoo Jumps boots were originally created for rehabilitation. They are used in gymnastics for maintenance of joints and spine. Elasticity movements , due boots equipped with elliptical springs and stretch bands that protects against impact with the ground , reduce fatigue caused by exercise . People who can not run due to problems with their knees and/or joints, will again have this capability using Kangoo boots .

For all this to be respected, it is very important to use the original KJ (Kangoo Jumps) shoes, which are the only ones authorized for this sport . This shoes will be provided by certified instructors.

For a Kangoo Power class you will need long, thick socks, a sport bra, towel and water.

The shoes you are going to be provided by your instructor, according to your height and weight.

If you have your own pair of Kangoo Jumps shoes, you can come to Kangoo Power classes with them.