7 ways to beat muscle soreness

By Larisa Hapeci
Muscle soreness it is felt as a severe pain on the muscles that you have just trained. Either because of an intense workout, a new sport that you have tried or simply the daily effort, the muscle soreness appears slightly delayed and reaches its peak in the interval 24-72 hours after the effort.

What can we do in this case?
  • Consume Vitamin C
Vitamin C acts as an anti-inflammatory, and as the muscle soreness is caused by local inflammation of muscle tissue, this will represent a good approach.
  •  Consume protein
In order for your muscles to recover and to develop, you would need protein. This is essential because this will help the reconstruction of the muscle fiber and will accelerate the recovery. However, the proteins that are recommended are the low ones which can be found in chicken meat, fish, turkey, soja or egg whites.
Pay attention to the quantity! Consumed in excess they are bad for your health.
  • Alternate cold-hot showers
Alternate the showers (cold-hot), at intervals of 20-30 seconds for a better blood circulation, so an easier recovery.
  • Massage
Massage can be very efficient specially if  it is mixed with the cold-hot showers. It helps eliminate the lactic acid from your muscles and relieves the pain.
  • Use a special unguent 
For muscles soreness or stretching of ligaments, rub the affected areas several times per day. You can use unguents as Voltaren, BenGay, Fastum Gel, Lasonil, Diclosal Gel, Ketoprofen Gel or Finalgon.
  • Drink water
Human body is 70% water. One of the most important rule on the muscle recovery is the hydratation. In order to keep yourself hydrated, it is recommended to drink 0,03l of water/kg body weight. For example, if you weight 70 kg, you will drink 70 x 0.03 = 2.1 liters daily, especially in case of a prolonged effort as a workout at gym or a chill running.
  • Do sport
An error that most of the people are doing, is to stop sport once they incur this problem. The studies are confirming the fact that when you are working the muscle that has signs of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), there are high chances that soreness will disappear.
The explanation can be a natural analgesic that is being liberated once your are doing sport (the adrenaline appears) or maybe it is only because the muscle is warm up. Either way, even it is a non-intuitive method, it is one that works.


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