4 streching position for the warming section

By Larisa Hapeci

Streching - Calf muscle

There are some points to which you have to pay attention in order to strech corect your calves muscles, and this points are:

  • The weight has to be moved on the leg that is in front and the leg that will remain behing will have to be perfect spread, with the heel on the ground.
  • The trunk has to remain steal and the neck to remain on the extansion of the spine. The look has to be orientated in front, to a 45° angle.

Bonus info: If no pression is felt on your calf muscle, go more back with your behind leg.

Streching - Harmstring muscle

From the previous position, move your weight on your back leg and pull toes from your front foot toward you.

  • Palms will move back thigh, keeping torso straight and the look at 45° as in the previous exercise.

Bonus info’: In order to feel a good strech on your muscle, go with your trunk behind and lower.

Streching - Psoas muscle

From the previous position, legs will slightly approach, bringing back the leg heel.

  • The trunk will remain straight, the back will remain straight and the look will be forward.
  • The palms are going to be placed in top of your gluteals muscles and you are going to push your hips down and in front.
    Maintain this position for a few seconds.


Bonus Info: When you are going to push the hips, pay attention not to change the position of your trunk, your shoulders or your neck! The hole movement has to be at your hips level.

Stretching - Spinal Erector

Back on the basic position.

  • Gently remove the legs and bend your knees.
  • Put your palms above the knees, bend a little bit and look behind the heels.
  • Slightly round your spine and maintain.

Bonus info’: When you will round your spine pay attention not to move or to change the position of your shoulders, neck or chin.  In the event that you fail on doing this streching correct, go back to the basic position, round your spine first and then slowly lower to the ground. Repeat it until you will understand what is the correct position that you have to have while you are down.


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