4 basic exercises for your lower abdominal muscles

By Larisa Hapeci

It is important to know that it is forbidden to perform exercises dedicated to the lower abdomen while you have the boots on your feet.

Due to the pressure that this kind of exercices put on your back and spine, any extra weight body is not recommended.

Here you have 4 basic and very effective exercices for this part of your body.

90° exercise

Lay back and lift your feet at 90° .

  • Arms parallel to the body.
  • Slightly lift the hip and push it up. No other movement should accour to your position.

Do 3 sets of 8 counts and then hold. Now you can relax.

Bonus info’:

– If you have trouble getting up the hip, you can position your hands above your buttocks and push it slowly . Once you will feel more confortable, you can remove the hands.

90°- 45°

  • Line your trunk to the ground and keep your legs straight at 90 degrees from the ground.
  • Lower legs, keeping them straight at 45 ° from the ground. Maintain.

Repeat 3 series of 8 counts then hold. Now you can relax.

Bonus info’:

– For a more intense abdominal work, make the descent in 4 time and the ascent in 2 times.

– For an advanced level, you can lift your shoulders easily from the ground. Place your hands behind your head and hold. The exercise for the legs remains as mentioned.

Scissors for lower abdomen

  •  From the previous position, lift your hip slightly and approach your legs to your shoulders.
  • Place your hands at the temple.
  • Start short scissors with your feet, without changing the position of your trunk.
    Repeat 3 series of 8 counts and hold. Now you can relax.

Bonus info’:

– You should not feel any pressure on the neck. In the event that any discomfort is felt, place your hands behind your head.

– For a more intense abdominal work, you can change to larger scissors, respecting the rest of the instructions.

45°- bend the knee

  • Lay on the ground.
  • Lift your shoulders slightly from the ground.
  • Place your hands behind your head.
  • While inhaling, bend your knees at  90 °.
  • While exhaling straight your legs and place them to an angle of 45 °.
    Repeat 4 sets of 10. Sustain. Now relax.

Bonus info’:

– In order to work more intense with this exercise, gradually increase the number series, with a stop between them of 8 counts.

-If you experience problems performing the exercise, bend one leg at a time, keeping the other at 45 °. Gradually you can practice the exercise explained above.


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